our league format

  • The league will be played over a period of 8 months consisting of 2 games to be played each month
  • Players will receive points ranging from 25-5 after completion of each round (25 being the highest)
  • Each round will have additional points a player can earn either by hitting the longest drive or getting a closest to the pin
  • The score will be maintained by either a caddy accompanying the players or by the opponent in the same group
  • Players will get an option to choose their preferred time of play on each match day with the specified number of slots available
  • After 8 match days, players will be subcategorized into various groups based on their overall position on that day and later will only compete with players in their category
  • After 10 match days, players in the bottom 50% of each group will be provided with a handicap which will be determined based on the performance of the top players in each group
  • At the end of the first season, the top 10% players from each sub-group will be awarded non cash prizes and the bottom 10% will get an option to avail a certain number of coaching classes at a discounted rate from select coaches

scoring specifications

Position Points Earned
Top 10% 25
11%-25% 18
26%-50% 15
51%-70% 12
71%-90% 10
Bottom 10% 8
Additional points awarded for longest drive or closest to the pin 5